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Hello and welcome to a site dedicated to the supply of quality, military rifles and handguns for collectors and shooters.

Webley, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Walther, Mauser, Luger, Astra, Husqvarna, FN, Browning, Ruger, Radom, Erma, CZ, Krag, Armalite, Carl Gustafs, Lee Enfield, Remington, Beretta, Schmidt Rubin, Kropatschek-Steyr, Mannlicher, are just some of the manufacturers we have in stock today, or phone with your requirements.


Rifles, pistols and prohibited firearms deactivated to order.

We hold probably the largest selection in England of modern and classic pistols and revolvers. We offer these for sale to collectors and for deactivation, Pistols and rifles can also be obtained to order.

If it's on the page it's in stock or in transit

All the Firearms listed on this site are live firing, unless otherwise stated. FAC required. cost of deactivation is 110 including postage and packing,  Section 5 firearms by authorised courier only, prices on application.

See our Handgun pages for pistols and revolvers suitable for deactivation


We have over 30 yrs experience in making regular import and export shipments to and from the USA, Australasia, Europe, Africa, Scandinavia and many other destinations, contact us for a quote.


Match and Target rifles ie: BSA Internationals- Mod 12 - 12/15 - Anschutz 54:  surplus Club and  shooters rifles.