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We have a large selection  of Military and Sporting rifles for sale .

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Vickers Water cooled Machine gun  Cal .303, Dated 1942  with tripod, flash hider, transit case, belt box complete with 2 strip belts, 2 belt plugs for reloading and 50 rounds of inert ammunition.

Also included are the rare deflection  foresight and range slide rule.

Deactivated 1999 

stock no



£3350 DSC_0004.JPG (2772804 bytes) DSC_0009.JPG (2858173 bytes) DSC_0005.JPG (2545491 bytes)
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Sniper K98K Gusloff BCD4

K98K Gusloff-Werke cal 7.92 mounted with a ZF 6x56 telescopic sight, clear optics matching mount to rifle.Nice condition and excellent bore


stock no



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Schmeisser Patent Mauser cal 5.4x22lr 
Schmeissers Patent self loading rifle serial number 1414 -  an extremely rare and all matching rifle. Engraved "Automatische Buechse Syst. Schmeisser Mod 1912 Fur Randfeuerpatrone Cal .22 Lang Rauchlos
This actual rifle is provenanced  and well documented to the Paul Mauser collection which was looted from the factory in 1945 - Mauser catalogue D.2. painted on wooden forend.
A  unique rifle  for the the advanced Mauser collector or student of early Imperial German arms
Price on application
stock no



£POA schmeissera.JPG (1270423 bytes) schmeisserb.JPG (1322737 bytes)
schmeisserc.JPG (1191732 bytes) schmeisserd.JPG (1280354 bytes)
Mosin-Nagant  Model 91 rifle cal 7.62x54R  
A  scarce and desirable  Model 1891 built by Westinghouse Company,
New England, USA in 1915: For the advanced collector  - see also our Remington Nagant Stock No,CR1206.
This rifle shows the SA mark of Finland possibly indicating capture by the Finns from the Bolsheviki troops during the Winter War of 1919 - 



stock no




£595 westnaganta.jpg (25485 bytes) westnagantb.jpg (35700 bytes) westnagantc.jpg (40152 bytes)
Lee Enfield SMLEMk3  Cal .303 dated 1918 excellent condition, choice shooting bore ,, see also CP1189 stock no



£ 375 smlemk3d.jpg (37759 bytes) smlemk3c.jpg (39411 bytes)
Winchester model 1873  Cal .44, 3rd. Model ,, s/no.336xxxB for 1890 . Octagonal barrel/full length mag tube .. super bore ... traces of original finish. stock no



£ 2250 winchester73b.jpg (180902 bytes) winchester73c.jpg (575459 bytes)
winchester73a.jpg (168462 bytes)
Mosin-Nagant  Model 91 rifle cal 7.62x54R  
A  scarce and desirable  Model 1891 built by Remington Arms Company in 1917.
This rifle was part of the Russia contract of 1915 - with the collapse in 1917 of  Csarist Russia the contract was abrogated.
Only the entry of the USA into WW1and their purchase of the Russian rifles for training purposes saved Remington from financial ruin ---- a very interesting piece of history.


stock no




£ 595 nagant remington.jpg (23333 bytes)
Lee Enfield SMLEMk3  Cal .303, good order, nice woodwork and good shooting bore stock no



£ 395 smle3mk1a.jpg (17933 bytes)smle3mk1b.jpg (33828 bytes)
Lee Enfield SMLEMk3  Cal .303, good bore, tidy condition stock no


£ 355 smlemk3b.jpg (26880 bytes)smle1a.jpg (28182 bytes)
Lee Enfield No4 Mk 1  Cal .303 grade 2 plus all original, nice condition. stock no


£ 260 no4mk1b.jpg (26681 bytes)no4mk1a.jpg (25420 bytes)
DWM model 1904 (1904/m39) Portuguese Mauser  Cal .8x57mm, grade 2 good bore, nice condition. stock no


£ 220


dwm1904m39.jpg (93215 bytes)
Lee Enfield No4Mk1/2  Cal .303, good bore, nice condition. stock no


£ 260 enfield no4mk2.jpg (65148 bytes)